» Ask Ali Zafar to sing Zindabaad Hindustan… he gets Tongue tied…

Ask Ali Zafar to sing Zindabaad Hindustan… he gets Tongue tied…

By Lipika Varma


ali zafarAli Zafar answers everything right from terrorism, beauty, films and love for his country in a telephonic interview with Lipika Varma

Ali Zafar the Pakistani singer and the lead actor in TERE BIN LADEN, feels that India and Pakistan should be having amicable relationship as American and Canadian borders pursue.’ Yes! We are just across the border an we always feel that we should be allowed to move in and out of India and Pakistan, without much hi-cups like the Americans and Canadians do. I personally feel that things need to change for both India and Pakistan. It has been high time when we should extend friendly relationship by trying to extend our business, trade relationships. When I say we I mean both the ways it is difficult for both Indians as well as Pakistani’s not to have co ordeal relationship and the general junta would love to have a co ordeal relationship.”

We interrupt and quiz but as it is said that terrorism has been spread by Pakistan what is your take on it? I am not a politician so I WOULD NOT BE ABLE TO ANSWER THIS QUERY. But I may take this opportunity to tell you that Pakistan is the most effected country by the terrorists itself. We are the victims of terrorism, every day there is a bomb blast somewhere or the other in the important places in the country we want a peaceful life why would we, who are suffering attacks from the terrorists support them.

Coming down to some lighter queries we ask if he finds Pakistani women more beautiful when compared to Indian women? Laughs! Aloud and trying to be politically correct he says,” Indian women too are beautiful, But why compare beauty only between two countries. Beauty can be noted from within all over the globe. I think women all over the world are beautiful. Well! We hear your wife is a trained beautician, will you allow her to work? Yea! Why not? People have wrong notions that Pakistani women are restricted to live within the four walls of the house only. This is totally a wrong perception. Like any other women in the world we allow our ladies to move about freely. There are many-trained make up artists [women] in Pakistan and they are allowed to be professional. Right now my son Aazan is very small and my wife has to look after him so she is unable to take up her profession ahead. Once she is free from her responsibilities she will be free to work if she likes to. Not necessarily do they have to wear a burkha they also can wear a simple jeans and shirt in our country.

Coming to his bollywood films we ask him why he did not try working with Mahesh Bhatt? Yes! I was to do one of his projects but it could not work out because by the time I got an offer, I had already signed TBL. Ishaha Allah! If everything goes well I may do a film with two big banners. Right now I cannot declare their names.

So does Ali possess a proper working visa? And why is he attracted to bollywood? Yes! I do possess a double multiple visa. It was kind of the Indian embassy to give it to me. Bollywood has marvelously extended its wing Internationally. In Pakistan people crave for Indian movies. Hindi films surely allure audiences all over the world. Speaking about his favorite actors adds,” I like Dilip Kumar. Amitabh Bachchan, Salman Khan, Aamir Khan . I did meet Aamir Khan while he was down Pakistan for promotions of his film Mangal Pandy four years ago. Hopefully I may meet him this time. Surprisingly, he likes Kareena and Katrina because they are beautiful.

Last but not the least when we ask him being a singer would he love to sing a number which may have the first line” Zindabaad Hindustan? I am a Pakistani. I love my country. That’s all I may say…. Hmm sounds a real patriot.

-Lipika Varma

By Lipika Varma on 29 June, 2010

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9 Comments on “Ask Ali Zafar to sing Zindabaad Hindustan… he gets Tongue tied…”

  • smita pandit says:

    Lipika Verma The interview with Ali Zafar was very sub standard………………..please dont ask such foolish stupid questions to Ali . It leaves a very bad impression……………you dont even know how to interview………………… cheap annnnnnnnnnnnnnnd cheap…………… are giving a very wrong impression…………………….and by the way why are you dying to know whether Ali likes Indian girls or not…………………………shame on you ………………………shameeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Rabeel says:

    hats of to u Ali. i really like your comment that you love Pakistan. keep it up.

  • smita pandit says:

    Lipika Verma u didn’t answer my questions ………………..i know my comments will never come on board………………………hypocrite

    • Editor says:

      Smita Pandit if you are a editor and someone asks you will you write about pakistan! What would you reply?

      Will you say I am indian and love my country or will you respect your profession and write about it?

  • shobha says:

    Dear Lipika, Its a wonderful report and you actually know how to make things appealing one should always have a positive approach it is an actually an oppurtunity for us to know the thoughts of a normal pakistani its a pleasure to come across such intelligent articles.

  • Muhammad Aayan mirza says:

    @ Lipika Verma, in Pakistan work comes after country and religion… ok so try to avoid asking questions to Pakistanis like what u asked at the last of ur article…..

  • aqeel says:

    cha gaya hai shahzada

  • Abdullah says:

    We are proud of u ali, keep it up. You are a Pakka Lahoria and even a more pakka proud Pakistani!
    Thank u for making us proud…we love u!