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Arjun Rampal – My Wife needs to be Complimented for Giving me Everything that a Man Needs

By Lipika Varma


arjun rampalArjun Rampal speaks his heart to Lipika Varma disclosing about his being women’s man, not being linked, his kids, films, being written off as a stiff model,and his strongest support mom and many more things

Arjun Rampal is one actor who progressed slowly and steadily on the silver screen Probably destiny has brought him onto the lime light in the bollywood. Just in recent past from his successful film ”Rock on” and OSHO there has been no looking back for Arjun. Call it luck, destiny or hard work but yes! Arjun has all the reasons to be rejoicing for having made up onto the silver screen. Although the critics had written him off stating,” Being from the modeling field Arjun need not even try to turn into an actor. He is too stiff to be an actor.”

But Arjun has something to say,” Yeah! I being from the modeling environment did realize that. I am not a person to leave things so very easily. I always tried to make an honest attempt to change myself. Improving at par with excellence vide performance has definitely proved fruitful for me. And now with my film Raajneeti people will really find me in a changed Avatar. We as actors have to transform ourselves into the character to the best of our ability.” Further adding how the character benefits the actors he adds,’ I sincerely would confess that more than putting in efforts while performing a character we get to learn so many things from the character we enact.

Stirring further about the fiery persona that Prakash Jha possesses Arjun says,” He is an intimidating kind of a person. He is knowledgeable and has all the wisdom. I met him five years ago in a party and it was then he told me that he would like to cast me. Surprisingly he called me after four years for this role in Rajneeti.

Well we drift to an important query-Why is Arjun known to be a women’s’ man? He is far from being linked to anyone. Women chose him as their ‘Best Man? Smiles…I feel my mom, my sisters my daughter and all other women feel comfortable in my company. I give 60% to my mom for inculcating love, respect for the women. I also feel that women are stronger than men. They have a clear and a good intuition. Their perceptive to judgment never fails to bring smiles as they are very calculative.

As far as getting linked up to other women, I guess the credit should go to my wife. She has given me everything that a man needs from his wife so why on earth shall I even think of deceiving her. I think she needs to be complimented for that.”

Talking about politics in bollywood he says,” Actually, every working sphere there exists some kind of rivalry.I like to keep away from any such controversies. I do not allow to push the envelope after a certain level. At a point of time I definitely like to voice my opinion. I do not allow myself to be the victim of any unwanted situations.”

On friendships he says,” Honesty takes relationships and friendships to another level .I believe in not interfering in any ones business and neither allow the others to do so to me. On working front good relationships help us create magic on the screens, supporting his stand he adds,” I and Ranbir bonded very well while we were shooting for Rajneeti. We shared so many things in person that our off screen comfort level has really set blaze the silver screen.You will notice how comfortably we interact on the screen.”

Talking about his films he says I liked my character in Moksha although the film did not do well. My role in Rock on is close to my heart. I really enjoyed music and the lyrics while performing my character in the film. Osho was a character which I did not know what it would fetch me. But this role too has added a feather to my success.”

Well! Who has been his strong support at times of facing a low phase in the industry? My mom has always been my strongest support. My actor friends and all those who gave me chance to come to this level of success, I think they have been my strongest support. To name some Farrh Khan, Shahrukh and Farhan Akhtar have also been my greatest support.”

Turning philosophical he adds,” One needs to be calm at times when one passes through troubled waters. All that we need to do is patiently and passionately work towards progress.”

Talking about his two daughters he says,” I like to give them most of my time, but due to hectic schedule it is not possible. I make it a point to at least be with them during the vacation. My elder daughter Mhika [Whose name has been tattooed in his arm] is an athlete. During leisure hours I play imaginative games with them. They love to turn as pirates.

He has a changed avatar in RA I and what is all about? It will be too early for me to discuss RA 1 . All I can say it has a darker shade.

So is Shahrukh very happy with you after OSHO that he has offered this role to you? More than friendship as professional demand and the suitability of the character probably I have been offered this role. Working together we definitely become friends.

Steering further to his style statement he adds,” I like to wear something which makes me feel comfortable. I would like to wear a simple pair of jeans and a T-shirt. My favorite has been those “Natvarlal” shoes which Amitabh Bachchan has wore in film. I would love to wear them. I got them especially made after watching the movie.

-Lipika Varma

By Lipika Varma on 27 May, 2010
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