» Abhishek’s Raavan all set to create a Traffic Jam at the Box Office

Abhishek’s Raavan all set to create a Traffic Jam at the Box Office

By Lipika Varma


Abhishek Bachchan and Mani Ratnam combination has always been successful in creating an impact on the audiences. This time with Aishwarya with the duo the film will rise the mercury levels of not only the junta but the people belonging to the film industry too seem to be awaitng eagerly to watch this weired Raavana.

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A brief interview with Abhishekh Bachchan follows-

On character Beera

Beera the character I play is a fun character. . Beera is somebody who would be not very fair. Because he is somebody who is out in the sun all the time, we gave him black marks, which took almost one hour to be applied on my face, Nonetheless a very basic look. The Dus Sar wala is a dialogue in the climax of the film. He is more of an animated character. I am lot more straighter/ Beera is not like what I am. Mani and I have created him. It was difficult and challenging. He’s got lot of power, energy and he’s on the edge.What I loved about the character was that he was very negative. The challenge was how to make him lovable without compromising on his characteritisics.  You see him from his perspective. I feel that he’s a more enduring character. He’s lovable. He’s a complete contrast and that’s what makes him lovable. He loves people. Though he’s looked down upon as an outlaw by the system. He’s the hero of the people. He’s a Robin hood kind of character. He fights for the common man. He’s not revolutionary but he wants justice. It’s weird because people love him because they are loyal to him.

Beera Maati fis from Central India and when Dev Pratap who’s transferred to Lal Maati there’s a clash and Beera’s younger sister gets killed and then Beera kidnaps Ragini.  It’s a love story from the point of view of Dev and Ragini.

On performing rigorous stunts-

Yes and we are not trained or qualified we took rehearsals and took care. Despite which you are bound to get bruises and cuts.  Now there’s a pain called the Insurance Company. You can’t walk on the edge because they can’t give you insurance. But there are a lot of permutations and combinations and Mani as a director is very careful he can’t take risks if he is not convinced. Having said that we have breath-taking stunts in the film. But we have rehearsed and worked hard on it.

On going bald for the role-

Yes, Mani finally got my hair cut, which I was very apprehensive about. He wanted me to shave my head, but I didn’t shave it off, but I had to cut my hair very short. And it was because of him that I did it so obviously when you work with him he is as a director he comes very prepared. He is very sure of how he wants the actor to look but after he’s briefed you, he gives it to you and he says you how you feel as a character, having worked on the character.”

If parents watched the movie

No they have been travelling to London and have been working. My dad has gone for the recitations of Dadaji’s poems. Hopefully they will make it to the premiere.

On losing weight for the role

Yes while everybody was building their abs I was gaining weight for guru. But no Mani did not ask me to lose weight for the film.  There was so much to do in the film like climbing moutains and rafting through the rives that I automatically lost weight and was in brilliant shape by the end of it.

On Ash performing dangerous stunts?

It was completely our choice. Mani wanted us to take body doubles but then we enjoyed doing it all by ourselves. Mani sir never wanted any of his stars to perform any such stunts. Vikram and I called her the hero of the film. While we would sit and discuss our roles we would see Ash doing all the stunts either climbing a mountain or rehearsing her dance steps. She did it non stop without taking a break braving the rains. While we sat under umbrella’s sipping hot tea.

Is there a challenge to perform better than her?

No. I don’t compete with my wife. I think she is one of the best actors we have in the film industry. Her work speaks for itself. I don’t need to compete with anybody; the only person with whom I have to compete is me. For me, it is important to improve upon every performance. If you haven’t managed to improve upon your last performance, then you don’t deserve to be an actor. First do that, and then think of competing with other people.

On audiences reaction playing negative role

I have never been an actor who thinks, “Is this going to be good for my me and my career or not?” I feel sorry for any actor who thinks that way. First and foremost, let me tell you that if Mani Ratnam asks you for a film, you don’t say no. Mani is the best director we have and is respected by all his colleagues. So you would be a fool to say no. Secondly, even if he asked me to be a tree in the background, I would do it, because he means so much to me as a friend. I have approached my career on a very emotional level, and have never been very good at strategising. I do what my heart tells me to do. If my heart is not into my job, I will not be able to be completely honest. Lastly, when you see the film you will understand that such a thought would never appear in my mind. You play a character. You don’t necessarily think, “I am opposite my wife!” If you see Sarkar Raj, it was the film we did after marriage. And it did not have a romantic angle. Aishwarya and I may happen to be a real-life couple, but that doesn’t mean we are going on a holiday. We are going there to do a film, because we believe in the director, script and the characters. That is what comes to me first, not who I am paired opposite.

On Expectations from the film

I am optimistic and hopeful about all my films, and want them to do well. Raavan is very special to me, because it is directed by Mani Ratnam and has my wife in it. It is a film for which I have worked very hard. I have really put my life and soul into it.

I want the audiences to like it. If they don’t, all your efforts go down the drain. We do everything for the audience. If Raavan’s trailer is doing well, it means people are curious about the film. We hope that we, the Raavan team, live up to their expectations.

-Lipika Varma

By Lipika Varma on 14 June, 2010
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