Will Shahrukh Khan captain the "International Indian Film Academy" Cricket team 2010?

Will Shahrukh Khan captain the IIFA Cricket team 2010?

By Lipika Varma


This time IIfa [International Indian Film Academy] is all set to enthrall and entertain the Srilankans. The Videocon IIFA Awards will be held from the 3rd to the 5thof June2010 in Columbo. Well! The most important feature of this IIFA is that almost all the stars from the bollywood industry have decided to join their hands. More importantly the Khans, Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan will also be coming together which leaves the media with less scope for speculations as far as their off screen enmity is concerned. Amitabh Bachchan will remain the brand ambassador of IIFA while Salman will support IIFA as the “Ambassador of Change’ through his “ Being Human trust.”

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Lara Dutta, Reithesh Deshmukh, Boman Irani and the most being human icon Salman Khan graced the occasion where the special features of IIFA Charity Initiative 2010 was thrown open to the media.

Updating the media about the special features of the second decade of IIFA Sabbas Joseph, Director Wizcraft confirms, “We chose to commence IIFA at Srilanka owing to its beauty and culture which is very close to India. We are proud to be associated to the UNICEF and Habitat for Humanity as a mark of our support and hope for the people of Srilanka. IIFA will be adopting a village for refugees. We will also be building homes for these refugees . The financial contribution from Salman Khan will be nothing less then 1oo thousand dollars and he has also consented to support hundred houses for those who are homeless.”

Salman Khan who heads his “Being Human” has agreed to be associated with the IIFA Charity Initiative,” “I am happy to be the Ambassador of Change” and I shall be contributing hundred thousand dollars to support the refugees who have faced the hardships. I believe that it is important to contribute and join hands for such noble cause.”

As we all know fashion and cricket and bollywood all three have become inseparable. In the wake of the same, For the first time shoppers stop will present the cinematic inspired exclusive line-IIFA BLING. Manish Malhotra and Vikram Vadnis will be doing the designing for the celebrities. A cricket match between IIFA team[comprising of whose who from the Industry. Cricket For a change” will be played against the Srilankans cricket team. The cricket match which will take place on the 2nd day. The proceeds from this match will be donated for the rehabilitation of former child-soldier’s project. Who have borne the scars of war are being educated and will also get an opportunity to participate as volunteers.

To add spice to this our rumor mills update us that Shahrukh Khan will captain the IIFA  team.” When quizzed about this rumor if SRK would captain the team-”Cricket for a change”?’ Sabbas Joseph, Director Wizcraft remained tight lipped. And said,”Wait and Watch.”   He further added,” Well! Bachchans are going to be there irrespective of the recent caous created by the tamilians.”

Will Aishwarya also be apart of this IIFA we quiz?” Of; coz when Amitabh Bachchan is there all the family members who have always supported IIFA whole heartedly will surely be a part of IIFA to be held at Columbo- Srilanka.’ Adds Saabas.

So guys lets wait for the surprising element- SRK the IIFA cricket captain.. Whether Sallu miya would be able to handle the whole lot of the celebs’ jing bang and especially Sallu Miya? Also whether would also be a part of a cricket team which is going to be headed by SRK?

-Lipika Varma

By Lipika Varma on 12 May, 2010
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