» Top 5 Bollywood Songs (3-21-08)

Top 5 Bollywood Songs (3-21-08)

By Editor


As March winds down…heres the top 5 must have songs:

#1 Haan Tu Hai (Jannat) – In love with this song!!

#2 Zara Zara Touch Me (Race) – Catchy and sexy!

#3 Zara Sa (Jannat) – We try to not have two songs from the same movie…but what can you do? Musically speaking, its been a weak year so far!

#4 Gup Chup (One Two Three) – Raghav is composing songs these days? Where did all the other musicians go? In all fairness to Raghav, this one is pretty nice!

#5 Dekhta Hai Tu Kya (Krazzy 4) – This outdated track could have been sexier had it been picturized on someone besides Rakhi Sawant…yuck!

By Editor on 22 March, 2008
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