Shahrukh Khan and Aamir Khan Fight Again | Video


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Whenever I say something about Aamir Khan, Aamir’s fans think that I’m Anti-Aamir. Couple of days back, somebody had even commented here that I should change the blog’s name to To be honest, whoever wrote that has real good sense of humor. And don’t forget to check this. Let me make it clear that Aamir is the best commercial actor we have today. I’m saying commercial because there are better actors than Aamir like Irfan Khan and KK Menon, but you can’t expect blockbusters from them.
Anyways, what was the need for Aamir Khan to ask Shahrukh khan … “How does it feel to be No.2 to Aamir Khan”? We all know how Shahrukh would respond to such a question. Aamir Khan bowled a googly and Shahrukh Khan hit it for a six!

And never think that I’m a Shahrukh fan because you can see me criticize SRK too in this blog. Check the complete Shahrukh Vs Aamir Video coverage below:

Aamir to SRK:

Shahrukh Khan responds to Aamir:

By Editor on 17 March, 2008
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