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Pritam says he is not a Copy Cat

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pritam music composerI always thought that Anu Malik is the king in ripping tunes from other languages, but our happening music composer, Pritam, proves me wrong and overtakes Anu in every possible way. I know that our Bollywood composers copy from English, and sometimes Arabic, but our Pritam has not even spared the Koreans and Indonesians. What a personality! For more detailed analysis of his copy-cat ventures, check this website

Pritam speaks to BollywoodHungama on his ripping of Anggun’s French number in Jab We Met

I’ve never denied the sources for my songs. So why should I deny it now? But the fact is, I had never heard Anggun’s song when I composed the song in Jab We Met. I don’t know the song myself. My friend who’s a keyboard player had the groove programmed. I liked the groove and I composed my tune on it. I composed the song in front of so many people. I can guarantee the melody isn’t anyone’s but my own. I must admit the groove is similar to the one in my song. But that’s it. And too to is totally unintentional. Not a note in the rest of my song sounds like Anggun’s tune. And if anyone can prove I’ve copied her song I’m ready to stop composing songs forever.

Yep, this is the first time such a thing has happened to Pritam. Every time it’s his friend who copies the music and poor Pritam is blamed. I agree. I even agree that if someone gives him the proof, he would stop composing music forever. I trust every word of Mr. Pritam.

In fact, let me tell you my songs in Mukesh Bhatt’s forthcoming film,Jannat, which I had claimed were completely original are no longer so. Some parts of the soundtrack now have borrowed sounds.

There he goes! I know that Pritam cannot come up with anything original, and since he knows that he will be caught in no time by us, he is openly accepting. Smart move, Mr. Copy-Cat!

But ‘Yeh Ishq Haye’ in Jab We Met is an absolute original.

Yeah, yeah, it is absolutely original.

I know that it’s difficult for Mr. Pritam to create original tracks, but at least he should give credit to the original composer on the music cover.

By Editor on 28 February, 2008

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2 Comments on “Pritam says he is not a Copy Cat”

  • saurabh says:

    pritam is best…
    himesh is also best…

    • murali says:

      u plz stop blushing rubbish about pritam we all love the song and all of his songs just get lost and close ur ears if u dnt wanna listen the songs dnt bark like thissssssssssss