Prateik loves the Mafiosi Movies | Is it inspiration for his wickedly cool personality ?

Prateik loves the Mafiosi Movies

By Editor


Pratik Babbar owes The Godfather a big favour! He loves the Mafiosi movies so much he can never say no to one! “Although there have been so many great Mafiosi movies, The Godfather Series is quite the one I’m addicted to” admits Pratik.

“In fact,” reveals Pratik about his favorite actor of all time “I think Al Pacino in that film was God.” Apart from Al Pacino, Pratik is also a big fan of Johnny Depp, who Pratik believes follows no set style but creates his very own.

Reveals a source, “Pratik loves the Mafiosi – he and his friends often gather to have this film fest of ‘gangster’ inspired films.”

So now you know how Pratik get his wickedly cool personality from!

-Sampurn Wire

By Editor on 20 March, 2010
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