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Mugdha Gets Friendly with Ex

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Looks like whatever happens, happens for the best. Mugdha Godse, who had a car accident on Wednesday, had one little thing to gain from it – she got her ex-boyfriend, model/actor Mithun Purandare into her life again. Though they aren’t dating again, they have been spending time together.

mugdha godse

She relied on Mithun for help when she was in trouble after the accident. As she barely has any close friends in Mumbai, she didn’t know what she wanted to do when the accident turned into a police case. She realized she needed a man with her as there was a chance of things going against her. That’s when she thought of Mithun. This is the first time she got back in touch with Mithun after their breakup last year.

Mugdha and Mithun became friends when they met for the shooting of a music video directed by Jagdish Mali in 2003. They dated for about five years until their split in 2009.

Mithun got there as soon as he could and accompanied her home after all her work at the police station finished around 1.30am in the night. According to sources, they spent some time talking to each other in the night and their feelings for each other seemed quite clear.

– Sampurn Wire

By Editor on 7 May, 2010
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