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Is Himesh’s Career Done?

By Editor


After rocking us with a record breaking number of hits only two years ago, it seems Himesh Reshammiya has vanished now. As he spends his sweet time working on one or two films every year, what do his fans do now?

Himesh Reshammiya

His doubters are saying that he is history now, and his lucky run is over. They may have a point. It seemed he was a musical genius in 2006 when he was churning out hit after hit after hit. Every time you turned on the tv, one of his songs was playing. He was on top of the world…
But in 2007, that was not the case. He was actually struggling now. He had musical flops such as Red, Fool and Final, ShakaLaka Boom Boom, Good Boy Bad Boy and Fear. The only albums that were true hits in 2007 were Namaste London and Aap Ka Suroor.

Even people who once enjoyed his music were now saying they are tired of him and his voice. They were saying he is becoming too repetitive now. And that he is finally out of tunes now.

And now in 2008, Himesh has completely disappeared from the spotlight…

Is his run of glory over? Is he history now?

If you ask me, I say he is nothing close to done. For one, a celeb’s career is going down when people stop talking about him. But in Himesh Reshammiya’s case, he is still very much in the news. Many people are anxiously looking forward to his movies coming up. He still has more star power as an actor than more than half the actors in Bollywood. And he can’t even act!

Reason number 2…Himesh is mainly known for singing his own songs. Actually, the reason he started singing all of his songs is because he was selling. If you look at his career, he has always done whatever sells. He is the same man who came up with Teri Chuneriya Dil Le Gayi from Hello BrotherNikamma Kiya Is Dil Ne from Kyaa Dil Ne Kahaa, and the amazingly melodious Bhool Jaayenge Hum from Kuch Meetha Ho Jaaye. He has always changed his style of music to fit in with the times. If listeners are tired of the type of music he gave in 2006, he will change his style again.

Third Reason? Any musician who can compose more than 30 (original) mega-hits in one year will be burnt out. Actually, he is the only composer who has been able to accomplish this feat. No other composer in history even comes close. Himesh needed some time off and to recollect himself – which he has done.

Love him or hate him, it is high time people stop criticizing Himesh Reshammiya. He is the real deal. A person can get lucky once or twice, but this man has been composing hits in the industry for a decade now – and 2006 was the year he finally became number 1.

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By Editor on 15 April, 2008
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One Comment on “Is Himesh’s Career Done?”

  • nadeem says:

    Himesh Reshamiya is very good singer.its my faverte singer.i listen all songs.some full songs remember.and  Himesh Reshamiya make some movies.
    Ap ka surro, karrz , kajra,damadam,