Shahrukh Khan fails in 2009 | IPL Failure | Billu Barber Flops

Is 2009 Unlucky for SRK?

By Editor


Well, well, things are not exactly going good for the King of Bollywood. Shahrukh Khan’s last movie Billu Barber bombed big time at the box office, and now his cricket team Kolkata Knight Riders performed so badly at the recently concluded IPL that they cannot be even compared to any other bad performing team. His contract with Pepsi was cancelled as they wanted young stars like Ranbir Kapoor.

So how can SRK recover from the failures he had this year? Well, it seems that there is nothing he can do as his movie with Kajol, My Name is Khan, is postponed to January next year. Probably the only saving grace could be his guest appearance in Sushmita Sen starrer Dulha Milgaya. But even a successful guest appearance cannot undo the failures he had this year.

Hope 2010 brings loads of luck for him in movies as well as in IPL.

By Editor on 27 May, 2009
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