Grandson of Guns - Arjun Rampal | The gun is named ‘Gurdayal Gun.’

Grandson of Guns – Arjun Rampal

By Lipika Varma


Not many would be aware of the fact that Arjun Rampal belongs to an army background. His maternal grandfather, Brigadier Gurdayal Singh, is an army personality to reckon with, apart from being an efficient engineer as well. He had contributed in making guns for GCF factory situated in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradhesh. The factory has a special gun named after his grandfather. The gun is named ‘Gurdayal Gun.’

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But, the bigger news that is now doing the rounds is that, Arjun is thinking of honouring is grandpa in his own special way. When we contacted Arjun, this is what he had to say. I feel proud and privileged of my grandfather. As a token of love, honour and respect, I will be making a film on Brig. Gurdayal Singh very soon.” He further informs that they are in the process of reviving their production house (Chasing Ganesha Films). “I am in the process of reading scripts and shall soon re-venture into film making. Probably it could be Gurdayal calling for me,” says Arjun smilingly. Now, whether the sequence of events of his grandfather’s life will be showcased as they were or will there be any change in the tale of the events, to make it more adaptable and filmy, is something that Arjun knows best.

However, our sources provided us with some revelations that are worth reading. “Brigadier Singh was sent on deputation to Dutch. It is here he fell in love with a Dutch lady and got married to her after divorcing his first wife. Four daughters were born out of this wedlock, and were named, Radhika, Gwendoline[Arjun’s Mom], Monica and Pita. All the four daughters were extremely beautiful as well as had a strong character. However, Arjun’s mom had a troubled married life and got separated from her husband Amarjeet Rampal. She devoted the rest of her life in the upbringing of her two children. She was a teacher in a school at Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu, initially, where she got her two kids Arjun and his sister admitted,” informs our source.

Indeed, the story sounds interesting as well as has a strong message it. Being brought up single-handedly, Arjun truly is very close to his mother. And no wonder, when we asked the actor about one wish that he would like to get fulfilled in his next birth, he said, “I would love to be born off my mother’s womb.”

For now, let’s just wish this doting son and grandson, the very best for having this virtuous thought of bringing the memories of his grandfather alive on silver screens.

-Lipika Varma

By Lipika Varma on 31 May, 2010
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