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Good girl Sonam Kapoor’s wild side

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These pictures are from a private party where our innocent looking Sonam Kapoor partied like there is no tomorrow. Various media reports indicate that these photos of Sonam partying hard were hacked from her facebook account.

Sonam Kapoor partySonam Kapoor party
What is happening these days? Is Bollywood going the Hollywood way? Few days back, we had Aishwarya Rai’s passport all over the web and now it is Sonam Kapoor’s private party pictures.  If this trend continues, we would be soon seeing photos of Salman Khan getting slapped by Sangeeta Bijlani, Somi Ali, Aishwarya and Katrina Kaif. So, there are so many interesting things to see in the future. Wink.

Coming back to Sonam Kapoor, give the poor girl a break. She is already sidelined by the media due to Deepika Padukone’s affairs. To top it all, Deepika won all the awards for ‘newcomer female’. And now these pictures would add more misery to her already shattered dream launch. Hope her next movie with Abhishek does well.

[Photos via pinkvilla]

By Editor on 22 March, 2008

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3 Comments on “Good girl Sonam Kapoor’s wild side”

  • nandini rao says:

    hai,you are so beautiful.i want to meet you.

  • Harshad says:

    They are trying to keep up with the new fully nuuude bollywood celebs sssex parties vogue, like other girls, sleeping away with different men to top the charts,happening every weekend in Mumbai, being western.

  • nikhil says:

    am a great fan to u & i love u soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much