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Fashion Disaster at Golmaal Returns Party

By Editor


Superstars Tusshar Kapoor, Celina Jaitley, Anjana Sukhani and Tanisha were spotted at the Golmaal Returns’ success party. Now stop looking at me like that for calling them Superstars…was just kidding.

There were more Bollywood Celebs at the party including Ajay Devgan, Kajol, Celina Jaitley and Sonal Chauhan.

The reason I’m writing this article is to basically comment on how bad these stars were looking in their funny outfits.

ajay kajol tusshar tanisha

Let’s start with my favorite, Kajol. Jeez, what is she wearing? That red top makes her look like she has just returned from a party where the theme was ‘Bollywood in 80s’.

Kajol, should we wait for the next Karan Johar movie to see you look gorgeous again? And please slap your current stylist, if you have one, on my behalf for making you look gaudy.

Ajay Devgan seems to be giving good company to wify Kajol wearing matching boring outfit. I know that you were never supposed to look good, but a bit of trying could have helped. Ajay, is your wardrobe full of just denims, funny Ts and eye glaring shirts?

Tanisha… Less said is better. If we don’t see her showing her innerwear in a transparent dress, we see her looking like a granny. What’s wrong with you girl? Better you stay home if don’t want to be a laughing stock.

Anjana Sukhanisonal chauhan

Sonal Chauhan seems to be obsessed with excess makeup. Seems like she has painted her face with a full pack of pancake. Sonal, a beauty like you does not need any makeup. If you really want to put those colors, go for a minimalist look.

Tusshar and Anjana look no different from their characters in Golmaal Returns. Yep, dumb to the core. Well, nothing can help Tusshar, so let’s leave his alone in his funny world. Anjana can look better if she does not have that dumb look, and a bit of proper dressing.

By Editor on 20 November, 2008
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