Farhan Akhtar and Saif Ali Khan : Friends no more?

Farhan – Saif: Friends no more?

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It seems like friendships in Bollywood are getting more precarious by the day. After the recent SRK- Riteish Deshmukh fallout, another Bollywood friendship bites the dust. The suave Saif Ali Khan and the flamboyant Farhan Akhtar have reportedly had a dispute and are no longer on talking terms. The bone of contention is Farhan upcoming directorial project, Voice from the Sky.

The director-turned actor had conceived the idea of this film during the making of Dil Chahta Hai. It may be recalled that Dil Chahta Hai was Saif’s first major hit. The two have been close pals since then. Farhan was keen to cast him opposite Priyanka Chopra in the film about the modern telecommunication system. The film is about a little boy and people coming into his life, set in a period when the telephone became a part of life. They would be teaming up after a gap of seven years after Dil Chahta Hai gave a new life to Saif’s career. However Saif quoted a huge sum for the film which made Farhan see red.

Post-Race, Saif has hiked his fee and was not willing to waive it even for Farhan. A source informed Sampurn Media that he is keen to do more commercial films rather than attempting an issue-based project. Irrfan Khan was the first choice for the role but Farhan approached Saif as he thought the role was more suited for him. He certainly hadn’t expected this turn of events. Akshaye Khanna has now been roped in for the film. It’s sad, as the Saif-Farhan combo could have given us a really entertaining movie. Guess it was not to be!

– Sampurn Wire

By Editor on 26 April, 2010
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