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Deepika on Femina – Double Dhamaka

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Deepika Padukone is all over the place, so why not on Femina? So Femina guys decided to feature her on the covers of both English as well as Hindi December 2008 editions.  She speaks about her wish to play the female lead in Imran Khan starrer Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na and much more in an exclusive candid interview.

Deepika Padukone Femina

I still could not get what Deepika is trying to say? Is she trying to say that she could have done the role better than Genelia D’souza?
Deepika darling, the role needed a bubbly and funny actress, and you look mature and stiff. You can call it grace, confidence and style… but the most important thing is that you cannot do comedy. So why think about something which you can never do? Go concentrate on your ‘I’m Female Akshay Kumar’ thing because it is very useful for the promotion of Chandin Chowk to China.

For all you Deepika Padukone Fans (including me… I like her beauty), here are some photos from Femina magazine December 2008 edition.


Deepika Femina

By Editor on 15 December, 2008
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