» Akki- Ash Jodi to rock?

Akki- Ash Jodi to rock?

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One of the most anticipated films of the year is Vipul Shah’s Action Replay. Its based on A Curious Case of Benjamin Button and stars Aishwarya Rai and Akshay Kumar. The film’s making news for its unusual premise and also for its casting. It brings the two stars together for the first time. The macho khiladi and the beautiful diva sure make an attractive pair. Cinegoers are eagerly waiting to see the good-looking Jodi on screen.

But the casting coup has sparked another issue – will the Akki-Ash pair be as big a hit as the Akki-Kat one? Most of Akshay’s hit films have been with the lovely Katrina Kaif. The two have delivered several hits like Hum Ko Deewana Kar Gaye, Namastey London, Welcome and De Dhana Dhan. Their’s is one of the most successful jodi’s of recent times. Vipul himself has cast them in his two successive films, Namaste London and Singh is Kinng. Kat is also known as Akki’s lucky mascot. Now that Vipul has chosen Ash for his latest venture, comparisons are inevitable.

The Bachchan bahu and Akshay were seen together in the 2004 film Khakee. Though Ash was cast opposite Ajay Devgan, their chemistry was evident in the songs Vaada Raha and Dil Dooba. This will be her first full-on comedy film. Though the pair looks refreshing and promising, it remains to be seen how they will be received by the audience. Incidentally, this is another chapter in Aishwarya-Katrina face-off. Kat had recently replaced Aishwarya as the face of a leading soap brand. And now the latter is Akshay new leading lady! Wonder how this will turn out!

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By Editor on 19 April, 2010
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