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Ali Zafar does not Believe in Extra-Marital Affairs

Ali Zafar has finally made it ontothe bollywood map. His latest album, ”Jhoom” has been released from the Yash Raj’s stable. He is also doing a film with the YRF next in Aditya Chopra’s Mere Brother Ki Dulhan which also stars Imran Khan and Katrina Kaif.

ali zafar

Further talking about the latest problem with singer Rahat Fateh Ali Khan…. He says,” I would not like to comment on this issue. I do not know what exactly the matter is. All I can say is that this is not a very pleasant situation and no one would ever like to get indulged in such happening.” He averts the query smartly.

Getting into a bigger bracket with the likes of YRF and Karan Johar he adds,” I think I was lucky enough to get recognition through my first flick “Tere Bin… and offers started pouring in thereafter.”

Given a chance Ali will choose singing over acting.” Ya! I am passionate about singing. I shall surely choose singing over acting but if I am bestowed upon a chance to work for both I shall definitely jump for it.” He gushes smilingly.

Coming back to his latest film”MBKS ,Ali Zafar who seems to be very enthused for he is the fiancée of Kathrina Kaif. Don’t you jump to conclusion he is the fiancé on reel. He adds, “Imran and I are brothers in “Mere Brother Ki Dulhan. While Katrina is my fiancée. I am a very charming and flamboyant person but confused about what I want from life. It was not only fun working with Kat and Imraan but also a great learning experience.” the Pakistani actor gives away some details, giving a sneak peek into the film.

Ali Zafar also clarifies about not being miffed with Imraan on the sets.” I fail to understand as to where from such stories pop up. Infact Imraan Khan is a very humble guy. We get along pretty well. Whenever we have time we surely meet up on a coffee and enjoy discussing various subjects.”

Meri Brother Ki Dulhan is being directed by debutante Ali Abbas Zafar. The film. is a musical romantic-comedy set around a love triangle. The film is likely to release in July.

Getting personal we ask his take on metro sexual man.” Showing off his painted nails he gives away a secret,”Actually, before I could take the flight to India my father-in-law was doing pedicure and manicure. He just called me and asked me to clean up with my nails. The only regret is that the nail polish I am wearing is too shinnying. There is no harm in cleaning your nails. Even we guys can be prim and proper with our body parts.

Since Ali is the field of Glitz n glamor and also married will he prefer getting into an extra marital affair we quiz? Laughs aloud and quips,” Well! I am totally a family person. Not that I may not get attracted to any female actor while working. But I will always think twice to get into any relationship cause I am of the opinion that why spoil your family life just for the sake of enjoying only for 45 minutes. Family is more important than any other momentary link ups. So I better be away from it”

Alis take on love is,” Love sees no boundaries… love happens .. no one tries to fall in love intentionally. I.E at times love is one sided. Yes! Attraction and meeting any opposite sex often may develop likings for each other but love also may happen instantly at the very first sight… Love is an unusual happening which definitely puts your heart above your mond.” Ali Zafar adds philosophically.

-Lipika Varma

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Posted by Lipika Varma on 27 February, 2011

Dev Anand’s passion of film making keeps him going

Dev Anand is going strong with his passion of film making even at this juncture of his life. With his film” Hum Dono” being premiered with colored version the evergreen personality talks to the media in a jubilant note.

Dev Anand is one man who believes in going on and on but with the contemporary scripts which can be identified by the newer generation.” Yes! I am planning to make “Hare Rama Hare Krishna but I do not believe in remakes nor do I believe in making sequels. This time when I make HRHK it will be having a contemporary subject which the younger generation too would be able to identify. No one would like to watch a film that was made in the seventies. Changes with the present scenario are a must.”

Not wanting to divulge further information he states,” Whether it will be a thriller or any other genre will be a matter of wait and watch for you guys.”

Well! Talking about the present state of Cinema he says,” I am not unsatisfied with it. But the fact is that today’s cinema does not sustain longer. Today’s cinema is becoming beyond sensibility Cinema has changed and so have the thought process of the audiences. Unless they like the film it does not make an impression on their minds. May be to me a particular film would be alluring enough but to others the same film may not be satisfactory.”

In addition to awards he adds,” Getting awards is not a certificate to a good film. A film may have been liked by the one who is judging the awards but it may not be liked by the others. In short it is a conspicuous thing while some may like it and the others may write it off.” He adds.

Fine in today’s publicity struck world would he like to attend TV shows in order to promote he films?” I will never like to beg people to go and see my film. It is merely wastage of energy. I would like to stay out of television publicity. Unless something I feel is worthwhile. I make films and if they like it they will go to watch my films. I will never like to go along with my family nanny etc to promote my films on the sets of television shows. I do not favor such publicity. I feel this kind of publicity is cheap and immature publicity.”

But of late all your films have failed at the box office windows. So what precautions have you taken this time?” Charge sheet is all set to release. I have tried to improve on my flaws. May be I need to do a huge publicity campaign which may have brought failures to my recent earlier films.” According there is no genre as “thriller.” Yes! Any film which is good will surely thrill you. Films need to be made to thrill the audiences. Entertainment for relaxation of mind that thrills you will obviously be a good film.” He concludes.

-Lipika Varma

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Posted by Lipika Varma on 12 February, 2011

Dia’s Zeal for Love break ups Zindagi come share one n all

Born Free Entertainment Pvt Ltd being jointly launched by Dia Mirza, Sahil Sangha and Zayed Khan saw the dawn of the day recently., For very long now Dia Mirza’s films were not doing well at the box office windows. So from acting to producer, then why is she planning to get into a much more risky zone-Production?”

I had an earnest desire to make entertaining, honest cinema. Films give me abundant joy. Belonging to the field of Cinema I felt it as my duty to come up with good entertaining yet worth watching films. Although, I am turning as a producer but I will continue acting too.”Love Break ups Zindagi is the title of comedy film launched today. What the film is like and the story etc you guys need to wait and watch.”, Further refusing to accept that her films did not do well she says,” I feel whatever films I have done till date have been appreciated by my fans. Their appreciation brings contentment onto me.” She answers simply., The title “LBZ” have you experienced any such thing in your life and will you incorporate your real life experiences?” Laughs! But sincerely adds,” Who does not experience love ….. I have had my share. But In this wonderful life I have learnt to move ahead by not caring for the negative aspect of life. Be positive and go ahead in life and this mantra surely brings happiness in your life. Life must go on.” She concludes.

-Lipika Varma

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Posted by Lipika Varma on 12 February, 2011
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Celina Jaitley’s Room Catches Fire!

The hot and sexy Celina Jaitly who recently made headlines with her engagement to Dubai based hotelier Peter Haag faced a shocking incident a few days back.

In the middle of the night, all of a sudden, this doe-eyed beauty woke up to the loud and frantic barks of her dog, Gooblee. The sexy siren was shocked to discover that the massive television set in her room had sparked and burst into flames spreading smoke all over the house!

celina jaitley

Recovering her senses the brave actress sprung across the room to unplug the main switch immediately. She narrowly escaped this life threatening situation as the screen was just a few inches away from her bed!

Kudos to her for her presence of mind which saved her as well as her house from burning down!

–Universal Communications

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Posted by Editor on 8 January, 2011
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Celina Jaitley’s Engagement

Celina Jaitly and Peter Haag are very much together.They exchanged rings in a small ceremony together in Mumbai during the festival of Durga Puja with their first families present.The official wedding date is yet to be announced however they thank all media people for their wishes and Celina personally thanks all the fans from all over the world for the wonderful tweets and emails on her website.

Celina Jaitley Engagement

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Posted by Editor on 6 January, 2011
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Bollywood Item Numbers Munni and Sheila: Put Under Scanner

Bollywood Item numbers Munni and Sheila: Put under scanner by social activist.

The popular Bollywood item numbers that have taken up the nation by a storm, ‘Munni Badnaam Hui’ and ‘Sheila Ki Jawani’, have come under the scanner as social activist Nutan Thakur has filed a petition on December 23rd 2010 at the Allahabad High court demanding an immediate ban on the two numbers due to the indecent content and lack of morality.

Sheila Ki Jawani

The petition was filed with a supplementary petition citing that since there has been a sudden rise in incidents of eve teasing, mental harassment and even molestation especially to women who have the name Sheila or Munni, there should be some action taken up by the concerned authorities in the matter.

Thus reports suggest that the I& B ministry will look into the matter from the state level as was confirmed by the minister of the portfolio Ambika Soni in New Delhi to some reporters on Tuesday.

This statement is significant as the Lucknow bench had just requested the centre to get the issue raised by the social activist regarding the two item songs into perspective. Thus reports suggest that the I&B minister will soon refer the matter to an inter- ministerial panel as such issues are handled by it in order to get to the bottom of the matter.

The petitioner has also included the producer, director and the censor board and the petition has a statement mentioned in it that the songs contain certain objectionable material which is a direct violation of the provisions of the Cinematography Act of 1952.

–Sampurn Wire

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Posted by Editor on 5 January, 2011

Patiala House Posters Changed to Incorporate Anushka Sharma

The makers of upcoming Bollywood film Patiala House have reportedly decided to change the promotional posters of the film. According to reports in the media, this change has been finalized at the last moment to incorporate the leading lady of the film Anushka Sharma. Post her box office success with the Yash Raj film Band Baaja Baarat, Anushka Sharma has become one of the most wanted young actresses of Bollywood. And it is keeping this fact in mind that the producers will now promote Patiala House as a love story between lead actors Akshay Kumar and Anushka Sharma as opposed to the earlier choice of projecting the film as a father-son emotional drama.

patiala house

However, the director of Patiala House, Nikhil Advani has vehemently refuted any claim of making changes in the film’s poster keeping only Anushka Sharma in mind. In a statement to the media, Nikhil Advani says that the concept of a variety of posters had always been in his mind and it was only the Akshay Kumar – Rishi Kapoor poster that was released initially. Nikhil Advani also confirmed that since Anushka Sharma is an integral part of the star cast, there was no question of releasing posters without her picture.

Patiala House essentially concentrates between the emotional tussle between a son (played by Akshay Kumar) and father (played by Rishi Kapoor). Their battle begins when the son wants to join the England cricket team inspite of being an Indian citizen. Patiala House hits theaters in February.

–Sampurn Wire

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Posted by Editor on 5 January, 2011
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Deepika Padukone Spends Birthday with Sidhartha Mallya

Deepika Padukone is having a whale of a time lately. First she brought in the New Year with rumored beau Sidhartha Mallya in London and reports in the media claim that the actress will party in Copenhagen today with Sidhartha Mallya in tow. No, this is not an extension of the New Year vacations, but her birthday celebrations that the actress is hosting in the city of her birth. Deepika Padukone was born in the capital city of Denmark 25 years ago and though she stayed for only 11 months in Copenhagen, the actress would love to take a look at the places that she saw as a newborn.

deepika padukone with siddharth mallya
According to reports in the media, papa Prakash Padukone will also accompany his daughter on her birthday trip to Copenhagen. While it is natural for her father to be present when Deepika Padukone is catching up on old friends and places, we wonder what Sidhartha Mallya is doing with the actress in Copenhagen! Well, we forget it is Deepika Padukone’s birthday today and who better to celebrate her special day than her rumored boyfriend and very good friend Sidhartha Mallya.

If reports are to be believed, Sidhartha Mallya will be with Deepika Padukone in Copenhagen until Friday when the actress boards a flight to Mumbai to attend her friend Imran Khan’s wedding in Karjat. For Deepika Padukone it has indeed been a very happy New Year and an even happier Birthday considering that she could spend the special days with Sidhartha Mallya!

–Sampurn Wire

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Posted by Editor on 5 January, 2011
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Bollywood Stars Who Smoke: Bad Habits Die Hard

Bollywood movies are known to show some of their top actors smoking like a chimney, to make a distinct mark of a man.

However with a ban on such scenes some time back, there had been almost  no show of the sinful stick in movies recently. With the ban reportedly lifted, now it seems more movies would show their actors smoking.

Shahrukh Khan smoking

But that is for the reel life of our stars and for the real life stars who are prone to this habit, there are certainly quite long lists.

But the top five names that come to mind are certainly the popular Khans. There is the famous Khan brigade – Shahrukh, Aamir, Salman, Saif Ali and Fardeen who are all known for their fascination for the sinful stick.

Even though some are bold enough to go public with this habit and don’t bat an eyelid in taking a puff on and off, there are others who still find it a little embarrassing to get caught puffing in public and stick to making themselves comfortable with the stick only in their personal hangouts. Many a times there have been reports about how each star has tried to kick off the habit but has not really been able to be lucky enough to get rid of the habit.

Well, with Bollywood stars that are prone to taking a puff in real life what can one say but bad habits die hard? Hope the stars are listening.

–Niky Sharma / -Sampurn Wire

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Posted by Editor on 5 January, 2011