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Madalsa Sharma has no Issues being side tracked by Nilesh – Sanjay Dutt’s Nephew!

In a rare turn Maddalsa Sharma turns her attention from Southward to the Tinsel Town. It would not be too much if we give her the tag- Southern Siren turns to bollywood.

So can we call you a Southern siren? “I turned southward merely because Abbas Mastan had advised me to do some films down South. And having worked in South I feel I have learned few tips of acting. It is an additional feather to my acting career.”  Elaborating the difference in tollywood and bollywood she says,” People out there are damn professional, if they have to begin the first shot at 6a.m they will see to it that they call for the first at the same time. Bollywood guys are not very punctual. But I love to work in bollywood.In South I feel like an alien as I do not know the language at all, though I have learnt few words here and there. But all in all finally we are working in cinema and we enjoy our profession so it does not matter whether it is Tollywood or Bollywood.” She gasps.

madalasa sharma

Maddalsa was to be the muse of Abbas Mastan but things did not work as she expected. She was finalized for their film two years ago but since the script went hay wire and in the meanwhile she got an opportunity to work with Choreographer turned Director Ganesh Acharya she could not resist the offer.” Yes! I was to do a film with the duo director Abbas Mastan but somehow or the other things were being delayed and in the mean while I got a call from Ganeshji. I fared for an audition and got selected. ”

Talking about the character she adds,” I liked the character very much. I have to perform everything in gestures. I am suffering from cerebral palase and hence acting without speaking was like a challenge. I enjoyed performing this wonderful character.

Well! Since Nilesh Sahay is Sanjay Dutt’s nephew did you not feel side tracked? “No it is an advantage to have Sanjay Dutt‘s nephew as we get some extra perks for the publicity of the film. I never felt side tracked as I hail from the family belonging to the filmdom, so I can understand it fully well that Nilesh Sahay proved to be an extra bonus to us as far as publicity is concerned.”

Also being from the filmy family she feels she could easily avert being the victim to casting couch.” ‘Yes! I do agree that casting couch exists in the film industry. But since my mom belongs to this filed she handles all my meetings and my auditions. I am lucky to be moving under the protective wings of my mom. All my assignments are handled my mom. Also directors and producers are known to us, more over I do not think anyone will forcibly say,’ Mein tumhe role de raha hoon toh tum mujhe kya dogi.’ A girl is responsible to be the victim to casting couch they are infact the ones who readily make advances towards it. I feel we need to know our limits and success is bestowed upon us without facing any such things.” Confesses Madalssa.”

Last but not the least talking about her love interest she adds,” I am not interested in getting into any relationship. Especially getting involved in any love affair is not of importance to me. I can wait for match making. Right now I am interested in my career and definitely wanna make my name on the bollywood map” she concludes.

Hmmm…. the new kid on the bollywood horizon seems to have learnt her lessons well  merely because she has been nurtured in the filmy arena.

-Lipika Varma

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Posted by Lipika Varma on 12 February, 2011
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Prachi Desai readily discloses her Love for accessories, Shopping, and brands along with her tips too

On accessories
My likings for tiny stuff vied jeweleries is irresistible. Beautiful tinnily crafted watches, necklaces, or bracelets are stuffs I get easily attracted towards. Watches I have innumerable. Whenever I eye a lovely watch I unhesitatingly pick it up, no matter it may be pricey. Nonetheless, diamond studs, bracelets, and anklets too are very close to my heart. No not because I am an actor but I have a fascination to these things even while I was schooling.

Prachi Desai

On shopping destination
I also pick and choose dresses and attractive shoes. I love to shop in London because they have stuff with latest fashion. So, I can say that London is my favorite shopping destination, although Dubai also has wonderful shopping center. I also love to pick up stuff from there randomly as and when I get time to visit these destinations. I carry bagful of my favorite stuff.

On Street shopping
Belonging to Pune , I had heard of Mumbai’s special shopping destinations like Fashion Street, Linking Road, and Colaba Causeway. No sooner I would land up in Mumbai I would enjoy shopping at these joints. I always picked lovely exciting casual wear, chunky jeweleries, and bags whenever I visited these shopping joints.

On Brands
I don’t much care for branded stuff although I do buy branded clothes, but I would not swear by any brand. I buy clothes that I like and whatever suits me. I prefer going by my gut choice rather than asking anyone and everyone what may suit me. I feel comfortable only if I wear things of my choice.

On her valuable tips
At time I notice women adorning too many jewelery pieces. They should not over dose themselves with unnecessary jewelries which may make them look like a clown. Wear decent amount of jeweleries o r for that matter any accessories.

H…mm mm….That’s why the simple yet serene Prachi looks so gorgeous!!

-Lipika Varma

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Posted by Lipika Varma on 8 February, 2011
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“I want my man to take care of the entire Balancing Act” – Riya Sen

Riya Sen has taken a forcible “PHERA’S” recently. Stop guessing who the guy is…. Well! It is none other than the most comical guy- Vinay Pathak. Stop jumping to conclusions… Riya is still single but not ready to mingle .This marriage has taken place on reel in debutant Deepa Mehta’s film “Tere Mere Phere”

riya sen

Since the film deals with marriage we ask Riya what is her take on marriage?” I feel there has to be no pre conceived notions which are prevalent all over. Marriage is a very sweet relationship it works only if we allow our partners to have their space. We need not try to change a person which then becomes a difficult job for both of us, as an individual grows with a persona and certain habits which then becomes very difficult to change. When in relationship one needs to take all good and bad in their stride and only then marriages work.”

And if marriage does not work, will you advice to part ways? “I think there is no need to stress yourself if a relationship goes sour. We have been bestowed upon a very beautiful life span so we need to enjoy it and have maximum fun. But we are no one to hurt any individual but then it is also to each one as to how they feel.”

Have you never been in love?“Smiles and blushingly answers”‘I have fallen in and out of love many times. But at the moment I am not interested in falling in love.” She further adds,” No I have had no sour taste but yes! I think marriage can happen at a little later stage.”

Talking about her journey she says,” I am satisfied 100% .What ever I have achieved until today brings no regret unto me. I believe in doing my bit and going ahead in life.”

Further talking like a philosopher she quips,” Love is unconditional. No one can intentionally fall in or fall out of it. Love happens if you find the other sex attractive and he or she becomes irresistible for you. I see no harm in going in for a companionship as long as you crave for his or her company. After all it is a matter of likes and dislikes.”

Well being single what will her like to find in her man?” All good qualities. My man needs be handsome, intelligent and he should be under taking all the balancing factors while being in relationship with me. I will want my man to be able to make and take appropriate decisions as I am unable to make quick decisions. My man needs to look after every minutest detailing in keeping me close to him.”

We interrupt and quiz and what will you do for your man?” I shall pour all my love and heart to him if has all these qualities.”
Jokes apart on a serious note she adds,” Actually I will also like to give in my share of responsibility as a woman. I shall take care about all his need.”

Last but not the least we quiz is Riya a difficult woman to handle? “I feel it varies from situations to situations. I can never be rude and I am quite amicable person. But at times some articles may have made a difference to my personality. I never like to throw any tantrums on the sets but at the same time if something I am looking forward to and have been promised for it then we shall surely remind them for it and ask for it. We are here to do our jobs but differences of opinions do matter and hence things are blown out of proportions.” She concludes.

Men with qualities that Riya is looking forward to can kindly queue in for Riya and try their luck!

-Lipika Varma

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Posted by Lipika Varma on 21 January, 2011

“I am not a Casanova” – Emraan Hashmi

Emraan Hashmi the on reel Casanova is once again coming up with his romantic aspirations in Madhur Bhandarkar’s “Dil Toh Bachcha Hai”.

emraan hashmi

Ask him if he is a Casanova in real life he smiles and says,” No I am not a Casanova in my real life.  If at all I was a flirt I would have not got married to my girl friend –my wife.” Emraan is enjoying his married life and more than anything he is enjoying his fatherhood status.” Yes! I now understand how my father may have tried his best to bring me up. And also all the things which may be wrong that I may have wanted to do then with a convincing capacity he may have made me do the right things.”

Further adding how he enjoys playing with his kid,” I always take some leisure time to be with my son. It is a real good feeling to be able to nurture your kid.”

Emraan feels that the junta does not allow him to change his Avatar,” Yes I did try to change my image in my earlier film but I presume my fans are happier to watch me in my romantic genre only. But I guess with Dibakar Banerjee’s film I am all set to change my image and this film “Shanghai” will showcase the other side of my talent.” Turning nostalgic about wanting to bring a change in his on reel characters he says,” Who would not like to get different roles. I too am interested in wanting to do comic, as well as thriller, romantic and other genre of film. My fans identify me in frivolous, mischieveous character. I am keeping my fingers crossed to be able to change my avatar.” He gushes enthusiastically.

Being the romantic king on screen he does find it interesting to teach lessons to Ajay Devgan in “DTBH. Laughs aloud and says,” Yap! I am teaching love making lessons to Ajay in the film. I don’t have to take any lessons to impart romance making know-how.”

Romance making is universally known to one all, isn’t it? Who does not taste love and romance during their youth hood? I have also gone through all that. But yes! It feels great to teach romantic lessons to Ajay in the film.” He confirms Talking about Murder2 he adds,” I have never disassociated myself from the Bhatts.Murder2 is quite different when compared to Murder. It deals with extra marital affair; it deals with different dimensions of sex and love.”

Last but not the least Emraan did not attend the screen award function to which he clarifies,” I was not convinced with the category of Award bestowed upon me so I kept myself away from attending the function” he clarifies.

-Lipika Varma

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Posted by Lipika Varma on 20 January, 2011

Marrow and the Man – Salman Khan

Salman gets a fresh title-Marrow and the man. Salman has decided to take forward the genuine cause of Marrow Donar Registry [India] along with his ‘Being Human. Salman is known to have helped people suffering from various diseases through Being Human. All that he earns from his artistic [Painting] talent is donated to the weak and fragile. “I request all those who wish to donate some blood to the noble cause of bringing life to those who need Bone marrow transplantation. Let’s begin it today, infact just now.  You need to spend only fifteen minutes to donate your blood and get yourself checked at the cost of just Rs 8ooo/- the expenses of the check up will be borne by MDIR. We all need to take some time from our daily routine and go ahead to save the ones who need BM Transplantation.

Salman Khan

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Posted by Lipika Varma on 23 November, 2010

Aish’s Poster with a Red Rose – How it came into being

“Aish’s poster with red rose -how it came into being” I was in deep thought at that moment of time Sanjay just called the still and clicked me. I was not even aware of the fact. When I asked him when did he click this snap? He then told me,” This picture is so very natural, I got it clicked when you were in a deep thought.” And this picture turned into a poster. Amazingly brilliant poster indeed!” Aishwarya Rai Bachchan.

Guzaarish Ash with Rose

A brief rendezvous by Lipika Varma follows – Aish’s poster with a red rose – How it came into being Aish’s poster with a red rose- How it came into being.

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Posted by Lipika Varma on 18 November, 2010
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“Priyanka and Shahid are very good couple – I mean on screen” – Karan Johar

Koffee with KaranA brief rendezvous with Karan on the sets – Koffee with Karan- season-3

‘Karan Johar rubbishes the rumors of approaching Priyanka and Shahid Kapoor. Also is in no mood to solve Shahrukh Khan and Salman’s differences. But he wouldn’t mind sorting out differences with Ram Gopal Varma on his show. He feels[ on a lighter note] Stars may refuse to be on Shekhar Suman‘s show. However Karan would love to have Rekha on his show.’

Koffee with Karan- season-3 is already making a buzz in the tinsel town. Karan Johar shares a friendly rapport with all the stars and hence he deservedly possesses the monopoly of asking weird questions to them on his show.” I would like to put it this way,’ I do ask them some typical questions on my show ‘CWK” but I always keep in mind not to ask them very personal questions. I go to the extent of even informing them few statements which they may have spoken in a flow, whether they are fine with it. If they do not want those statements I edit it. What I am trying to explain you that,” I am here to keep the show going but not at the cost of spoiling my relationship with them.”

Fine then we quiz what is your take on relationship?” Relationship can be maintained only if you invest on them. The more you invest on them the more you give to the relationship.”

Karan Johar feels that he still has to tap many bollywood stars to appear on the show. For International actors he adds jokingly,” if they come to India I shall catch them at the Airport itself.”

On a serious note he gushes,” Actually Richard Gere was here during the second season. I approached him and he agreed to do the show.”
Will he like to bring Shahrukh Khan and Salman together on his show and solve their differences we quiz?” I have enough of problems to solve for my self. I don’t mind having them on my show separately.” He adds.

Karan does not mind solving his differences with Ramu with him on CWK.” Ya! If Ramu appreciates that I will surely love to have him on my show. “Adding further about his most choice of star to be on the show – he says,” I would love to have Rekha on my show some day. Also, having Ajay Devgan will be interesting.”He adds.

Surprisingly when quizzed which was his best show? Karan unhesitatingly confirms,” The Kapoor family on my show were the best. They kept talking amongst them selves. The Kapoor family has a special connect with our country. They are fun loving and we enjoyed the show.”

Picking a dig at one of the hosts of different shows where stars would not like to attend sheepishly Karan says,” I think it would be Shekhar Suman’s show.”

Karan is very much aware of the power that Star world channel has.” Yes! Our show is on an English channel. The novelty of the channel surpasses all the other channels. Also, merely because it has a power of its own. I am not much bothered about the TRP’s.”

Ask him if the stars and he too believe in having a double standard in life? Sternly he answers,” We all believe in having double standard. Isn’t it?
Finally, rubbishing media reports of having approached Shahid and Priyanka Chopra he assures,” I do not know where from the media started circulating this news. We have not approached anyone of them. So the question of refusing to be on my show does not arise.”

Will he like to approach them? Yeah! Why not? They are a very good couple. I mean on screen. It would be fun to have them on my show CWK.” He quips clearing the air.

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Posted by Lipika Varma on 8 November, 2010

Abhay Deol in a Brief Rendezvous

Flying straight from his Spain schedule, Abhay Deol seemed to be on the top of the ninth cloud as he finds working alongside Hrithik Roshan and Farhan Akhtar in Zoya Akhtar’s ‘Zindagi Milegi Na Dobara’ was great, ” Yeah! Spain was wonderful, long hours of work, 12 hours a day, but it was all worth it. Working with Hrithik Roshan and Farhan Akhtar was like bonus for me. I am not that dancing kind of a guy. So while dancing my face would have very dull and sad expression. Hrithik would always tell me,’ if you wanna give your best in dancing, just cheer up and that’s how one sets the dancing floor ablaze by doing any damn steps.

abhay deol

Further adding about Dharmendera’s dancing style he adds,” Oh! I can never match to his dancing style. He has his own electrifying dancing steps. Till date he is copied by many while performing stage shows.”

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Posted by Lipika Varma on 10 September, 2010
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Kajol Speaks at Full Length, Her Awesome Energy Levels at the Day too is Incredible

Kajol walks into the office with a broad smile on her face. She had an electrifying charm on her face. Nonetheless, her sweet yet naughty gestures made her look so majestic.

“Yes! I’m due in October. I am very happy, as I am blessed with everything on this earth. I have a very good family support both from my parents and my parent’s in-law, my hubby, and my daughter. And I am very happy about being pregnant the second time. As a woman I feel as though I have attained a wholesome motherhood. What more can I ask from the almighty.” She confesses from the bottom of her heart.


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Posted by Lipika Varma on 26 August, 2010